I began writing fiction in 2015 when I felt inspired to write a fan fiction piece based on a fantasy video game called Dragon Age. Since then I have written over fifty fan fiction works in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

This newfound love of writing fiction sparked my imagination and led me to the premise of my first novel, Artifact of the Dawn. I have a love for both science fiction and fantasy stories and I love coming up with “what-if” scenarios that often lead me to write a new story. There are many stories regarding elves, and they are often portrayed as an ancient and mysterious people. One day I just had this thought; what if the elves were actually aliens that somehow became stranded on a world with humans? That was how Artifact of the Dawn was born.

I hold a Master of Science in Technical Communication, and I have spent over twenty years writing blogs, technical and training manuals, and process documents.

Besides writing, I also love playing video games, such as Dragon Age, and naturally, I also love to read. I also love to cook, and you can find my latest creations on Instagram. I have also discovered that I have a green thumb and have a houseful of beautiful plants.